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About us...

Unique and bespoke design.

Tim Rice Design is an all inclusive solution for the design and implementation of cutting edge, bespoke, commercial venues such as cocktail bars, restaurants, cafes, salons or barber shops, hotels, offices and night clubs.

Perhaps you have an idea you would like to bring to reality or you are looking to bring your venue up to date with a view to improving business.

We can be as involved as you want us to be, although, our highly skilled team of trades professionals can complete the project to the standards we demand, within the agreed time frame and allocated budget.

Tim Rice has a range of luxury furniture, “Aurorer” and is constantly adding to this range. The target markets are high end residential properties or hotels.

Coming soon are his range of customised Chesterfield furniture, along with, original pieces of timeless classics that have been modernised for present trends, if you have more of a quirky taste you will love them.

What we do...

Design all types of bespoke, commercial, residential interiors and functional spaces that will set you apart from your competitors.

Bespoke furniture, joinery pieces and lighting. We love to design full stop, therefore whatever you want, we will do and do it very well.

Design scheme implementation using our team of trade professionals from tender stage through to completion.

Project management from design stage, scope and schedule of works through to handover and final account.

Branding - We recognise how importannt it is that your branding reflect the image of your venue, therefore we provide you with this option.

The process...

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can be as involved as you want us to be.

We offer three main services which are, an ‘8 Hour Session’, ‘Interior Design’ and ‘Design Implementation’.

The stages are stated 1-5 below. If you have any further questions then click contact us.

‘8 hour session’

You may only require an ‘8 Hour Session’

We will come to your venue and thrash out ideas, your requirements and potential. Then, the following day we'll produce a mood board and floor plan containing all information gathered within the “8 Hour Session”.

It is perfect if you are looking for concept ideas or a work plan.

You will receive a floor plan, key focal ideas and their locations, colour codes and useful supplier contacts.

‘Interior Design’

Stage 1 - Concept Ideas.

We meet to discuss your requirements, venue and its potential, complete a survey, then produce initial floor plan options to present to you along with major concept ideas. This will enable you to comment on these ideas, help us establish exactly what you are looking for and what we need to produce in ‘Stage 2’.

Stage 2 - Concept Design.

All comments noted from our last meeting will be implemented and we will build on the scheme in more depth using images and sketches as a reference. The location of each detail will be indicated on the floor plan. This will give you a clear understanding of where we intend on taking the scheme in ‘Stage 3’ for your comments.

This stage may take several meetings to conclude and only when you are happy with what has been produced to date will we move on to ‘Stage 3’.

Stage 3 - Detailed Design.

Working floor plans, wall elevations and electrical plans, detailed drawings of all bespoke items such as the bar or, counter and bench seating will be produced. Colour codes, fabrics, furniture, art, lighting choices will all be finalised, collated and presented to you for your final comments. Any changes will be made, if required and concluded in readiness for ‘Stage 4’.

Stage 4 - Tender Pack.

A scope and schedule of works and an item schedule for each sector will be produced enabling the client to approach three of any nominated supplier or, trade enabling you to choose the best quotation provided by each.

You can then collate a final price and value engineer each sector should this be required until you are happy with the final cost.

‘Design implementation’

Stage 5 - Construction Phase.

You may prefer to undertake the construction phase of the project using your preferred contractors, which of course is your choice, although, we do have our own team of trade proffesionals that will produce the scheme to our standard, within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Great design requires a great team to implement a scheme to acheive maximum impact.

Branding & Web Sites

We realise how important branding is to your business.

We will design your branding and a website that will reflect your companies image. If you have a beautifully designed venue then, you require a web site that portrays this as it could be the first point of call and, as you know, first impressions count.

If you’ve already had your venue designed and are only looking for branding or a new web site then let us know.

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Hotel Indigo set to open a coffee shop alongside Marco Pierre White’s new steak house and Tim Rice will be designing it.

Bute & Co Coffee Shop located in Dominions Arcade, Cardiff City Centre will be due to open doors very shortly as Tim Rice adds another venue to his portfolio.

They are looking to open their doors in late July with a new kind of light fitting.

Bute & Co Coffee Shop is now open and looking good!

Located in Dominions Arcade Cardiff, the latest project by Tim Rice, Bute & Co Coffee Shop within Indigo Hotel along with the Marco Pierre Whites Steak House is now open to the public.

Check out the bespoke plant lighting and have a coffee!


Aurora Range

VIPER by Tim Rice

Customised Vintage

Unique One-offs