We offer a range comprehensive PR & Marketing packages starting from just £40.00 per week for our Bronze package, perfect for fledgling business’. Choose one of our 3 tiers below or contact us directly so we can tailor a solution specifically to your business’ needs.

To start we would like to conduct a SWOT analysis of your business and provide recommendations for a one-time fee. After that you can choose an ongoing support package from the list below.


(£40 p/w)

  • Marketing plan
  • Staff
  • EHO


(£115 p/w)

  • Marketing plan
  • Staff
  • EHO
  • Sales
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Care


(£200 p/w)

  • Marketing plan
  • Staff
  • EHO
  • Sales
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Media Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations

We are happy to discuss swapping any of the above services in each package with another we offer, please contact us for more details.

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Information about each service


Is a study to understand and identify the business

S – STRENGHTH – advantages over others

W –WEAKNESS – disadvantages over others

0 – OPPORTUNITY – exploit business opportunity

T – THREATS – what can cause trouble for the business


In your marketing plan, we will help you understand your target market, tailor a marketing strategy to your business, assist with product development, branding and pricing. We will offer you a cost effective marketing solution with continued support.


With our online marketing service, we can help you with your online image, your: website, social media and online networking. We can also offer recommendations for email and content marketing.


Media advertising is about getting your message to the right people, with our help you can use the media to achieve this. We will offer you a media advertising strategy, advice for the press and directories, billboards and posters and also sponsorship.


With market research, we can help you understand your customers better, through benchmarking, questionnaires and surveys you can gain a better understanding of the success of new products, advertising and events for your business.


Sales strategy/techniques – sales of any business is pushed by passion, expertise and desire to service. Giving customers confidence in your offer and understanding their needs.

Sales management – getting the most out of your sales force while being effective with sales targets giving the support and guidance to help succeed. But sitting back is not a winning approach.

Sales tools – to improve sales productivity and success rate knowing your customers. Having a clear understanding of what you as a business wants to achieve.


Running a mail campaign – mail/email is a fantastic way to increase sales. Knowing how to identify your target market with enticing offer you measure and evaluate the response.

Leafleting – door drop is an easy and cheap method to spread offers to local customers telling them about your business.

Creating mailshot – knowing your target market for a mailshot is key, it has to standout from the rest. Clear and simple message with a direct selling point of your business.

Mail listing – an up to date database is worth £££ it will help you run your business more effectively providing you with the profile of your customers and highlight sale trends.

Mobile and text – this is a quick and effective campaign to get your customers attention with most people having their phones to hand.


Exhibiting and events – with face to face communication is a great networking opportunity with new/existing/suppliers/advertisers/investors and the key people within your industry. To create your own event for a launch/product demo to a tailor made audience of customers that will talk about both the occasion and service.


P.R. opportunities – done well a P.R. campaign will create awareness and drive sales. Knowing when is key – you don’t have to wait for something to happen!! Classic opportunities are launch/new premises/staff recruitment or and event.

Relationship with the media – P.R can be good even when its bad! Publicize your company and getting to know your local media magazines/papers/radio/TV can help your business going forward.


Customer relationship – good customer service is managing the perception of your customers giving them a positive experience. Friendly and professional staff make all the difference the delivery of your products and service must be top notch.

Customer loyalty – helping you tailor a loyal customer base to boost revenue and profitability focus on retention, building a customer loyalty. These are the customers that will promote your business through word of mouth they become ambassadors for you.

Customer service – your service to your customer is crucial with after sales being just as important making you stand out from the rest. This will create loyal customers and new ones, keeping your word will keep customers satisfied. The key to a complaint is to always listen and respond – the customer is always right.


Hiring – having a good criteria and job description will help the process. Taking on the right staff can be a long and hard concept and it’s not always the experienced staff that are right enthusiastic and cheerful could be the key. Interview all staff as there are always diamonds in the rough.

Training –all staff should have and orientation to the company and description showing them the skill/knowledge and strategies for the job. A good structured staff training program for all staff who will be shown the correct way that your business works.

Development – staff should have ongoing training/development throughout their time with the company. With any new products/ machinery training given to prevent accidents. Training records should also be kept.


This is paramount to all businesses to ensure to both your customers new and old your company can back up what they see and the product/service knowledge just doesn’t stop at the front door. Your EHO file and diary is as important as the staff and products you use. A good door score is imperative for a customer to understand your business is important for you to deliver what they expect.

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